No-holds-barred space capitalism — Coming 2015

In Cashtronauts you explore and exploit randomly-generated solar systems to amass as much wealth as possible. Mine asteroids, hunt pirates, scavenge wrecks, raid transport ships, fight the police... you'll do whatever it takes if the money's there.


Cashtronauts is a space capitalist game with one simple goal: get rich. Mine asteroids, scavenge wrecks, collect bounties. or even turn to piracy. Or explore more criminal methods like piracy and smuggling. But beware – growing wealthy makes you a tasty target to others even less scrupulous than yourself...


  • Open-ended gameplay — Choose your own path to riches and victory: scavenging, vigilantism, piracy, mining or a mix thereof
  • Splitscreen multiplayer  1-4 players can compete on the same machine. New modes and options coming soon!
  • Rogue-lite gameplay  A unique procedurally-generated solar system for each game
  • Dynamic AI — Pirates attack a civilian mining vessel, who then calls the cops over; do you jump in and help, or wait until it's over and scavenge what's left behind?
  • Beauty — Stylized and colourful flat-shaded 3D world paired with striking 2D character portraits
  • Kickin' tunes — New exclusive soundtrack from Patrice Bourgeault (Mercenary Kings, Ninja Senki)

And much more to come!

Check out the Development Blog for updates on the game's progress.



Cashtronauts looks like a game I would draw on my paper bag covered books in junior high.  That’s not a bad thing, quite the opposite in fact; it looks like my tween fantasy come to life.  One of them anyway.

— Greg Micek, Cliqist

Simon Préfontaine’s portmanteau-ed retro space shooter combines three things most gamers already love: Asteroids-style shooting, loot collecting and split-screen multiplayer.

— Erik Leijon, Cult MTL

Mixes that classic Asteroid-eqsue gameplay most of us know and love, but throws in a hefty dose of modern capitalism.

— Marcus Beard, BitPulse

Cashtronauts just happens to be a really nice mix of both space action, and some really nice retro arcade vibes on top of that.

— Robin E, The Gaming Ground

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